Unlimited property listings, and a secure management login so you are in full control

Property Lister

How many properties can I list?

You can list any amount of properties – it is unlimited.

Do I need to call RAMSrent to update my properties?

No, we will give you a secure login ID and Password to the database. It is easy to update your property list using our database.

Can I “inactivate” certain properties that aren’t available?

Yes, you control the properties that you want to appear on your website.

Can I show separate properties “For Sale” from ones that are “For Rent”?


Resident Application

Can I link the application to my existing website?

Yes – We “iframe” your application so that your applicants think they are running the application directly from your website. The application can also be integrated with Property Lister so that tenants can apply after searching through a list of your properties.

Will I be notified when an applicant submits an application?

Yes – The portal emails you automatically allowing for immediate follow-up.

Can I download a list of applicants to my accounting software?

Yes – The portal allows you to easily download your applicant information.

How does my property/tenant information get into the RAMSrent database?

Do applicants sign the application?

Yes – they provide an electronic signature at the bottom.

What if the application doesn’t contain certain fields that I require of all my applicants?

You can create your own custom questions and insert them into the application.

Online Rent Payments

Can I accept credit card payments from my tenants without incurring exorbitant credit card fees?

You have the option to charge your tenants a convince fee and depending upon the rate YOU determine, you can even earn a profit.

How are tenant late fees handled?

RAMSrent automatically adds the late fees you designate ahead of time to the tenant’s bill schedule.

I understand that RAMSrent accepts “online” payments, but what if a tenant walks into my property office and wants to pay by credit card, can I accept it?

Yes. You would simply process the payment through the RAMSrent portal, allowing you to accept credit cards at ALL property locations for walk-ins or by telephone.

What information must the tenant provide to pay by ACH?

The tenant enters his/her routing and checking account number.

How are NSFs handled and how long does that process take?

NSFs are typically identified within 1-2 business days – much faster than traditional checks.

How long does it take to become a merchant?

The approval process takes only a few business days.

What are the fees for becoming a merchant?

Fees vary and are charged by your merchant services provider.

How do I get tenant payments out of RAMSrent back into my accounting software?

RAMSrent includes an API interface that will transfer information out of the portal in a variety of formats.

When a tenant uses RAMSrent, how do they know they are making a payment to me – a property manager or landlord?

When your tenants log in, they will see your corporate logo. From their perspective, the portal will be operated and maintained by you.

Do I need a separate bank account to collect funds or can I use my existing bank account?

You can use your existing bank account.